Chocolate Hazelnut Puppy Chow

I made this holiday treat for all my coworkers this year and thought I would share the yumminess!


1. Put 4 1/2 cups of Rice Chex Cereal in a large mixing bowl and set aside.
2. Combine 1/2 cup of chocolate chips, 2 tablespoons butter, and 1/2 cup of hazelnut spread in a small microwaveable bowl. (I used Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter from Whole Foods, but you could also use Nutella).
3. Heat mixture in the microwave for 30 second increments until it is all melted, make sure to stir in between each 30 seconds of cooking time.
4. Mix chocolatey liquid with the Chex mix with a large spoon. Be careful not to crush the Chex cereal.
5. Once the Chex are evenly covered with the mixture, place in well sealed gallon zip lock bag. Add 1 to 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar to the bag and seal. Shake the bag carefully to evenly distribute the sugar.
6. I added holiday M&Ms to my puppy chow and served in festive holiday jars!


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