How To Be In A Live Studio Audience

Recently, when my brother came to visit LA we went to the studio taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live. I got asked so many questions on how I got tickets, so what better way to answer than a blog post?! I’ve found getting into a studio audience isn’t that difficult, just takes proper planning.

I got my tickets by visiting: and selecting the show I wanted to see along with the date. I found it most successful when I requested tickets several weeks in advance. Be sure to give them a correct email address, because at first you’ll be on the waiting list and then they email you to “claim your tickets.” The day of, I got bumped up to a priority audience member with premium seating. There were also plenty of people the day of that did standby tickets, but that’s a little too risky for me… haha! Although, most people seemed fairly successful. They usually announce the show guests about a week in advance.

What other live studio tapings have you been to? I went The Bachelor (Sean/Catherine’s season) last spring – now that was a production! It was an all day ordeal, and I was featured on TV several times. Jimmy Kimmel was only a few hours, about two of which were spent waiting. They expect audience members to be very enthusiastic, clap appropriately, and laugh at the jokes – simple enough! My next goal is to make it to Ellen, which I’ve heard is the best experience 🙂




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