Are Lash Extensions Worth It?

I recently won 3 free months of lash extensions from a local salon in Beverly Hills, Nzuri Lash. They had an event on the night of the Golden Globes and were giving away prize packages. I was so thrilled to win as I’ve been curious about lash extensions for months now. I wanted to give my readers a full run down if they are worth the investment, keep reading below the pictures to find out!







Overall, I loved the lashes and thought Nzuri Lash did an exceptional job. If you’re considering getting lash extensions, first and foremost I would recommend going to a reputable salon that uses high quality lashes and glue and only glues one extension to each lash. If you use a less expensive salon, sometimes they glue more than 1 of your lashes onto one extension, which can be damaging. I would definitely recommend Nzuri Lash to all my readers!

The process involves getting one lash extension glued to your existing lash. It’s completely safe and harmless to your real lashes as you naturally lose 1-5 lashes per day and the extensions just fall off with your natural eyelash. It didn’t hurt to have them put on, just felt a bit awkward at first and they have to tape down your bottom lashes, but your eyes are closed the entire time. There are some definite pros and cons to getting lash extensions.


  • Your lashes look great from the moment you wake up and no mascara is needed!
  • The length and volume of your lashes is sometimes even better than you could achieve with mascara.
  • They are weightless and you can’t feel them at all (unlike false lashes).
  • It only takes about 30 minutes for a fill-in (after you lose some lashes) or up to an hour for a full set (your first application).
  • You can shower, swim, and do pretty much anything in them (as long as you’re careful). You can also wear makeup with them.
  • You get lots of compliments on them 🙂


  • They can be a bit pricey (this service would have cost me $200 for my first full set and $65 for each fill).
  • They do require maintenance. You can’t really let moisture stay on your lashes, so you need to blow dry them after you shower and be very careful when washing your face. It makes taking off eye make-up a bit tricky.
  • They can look a bit awkward as your lashes grow out and sometimes go every which way (brushing them daily with the wand the salon gives you does help).
  • If you want to keep them up, you need to get them filled every 2-3 weeks.
  • Everything you use on your face must be oil-free or the glue will wear away.

Bottom line is your lashes will last longer if you baby them. I love my lash extensions, but don’t think they are necessarily worth the investment. They are fun to try, and might be best for a beach vacation, wedding, or special event. I don’t think they are worth the cost on an everyday basis. I’d definitely recommend trying them though!


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