Quick Eats: Medium Boiled Eggs

For the second installment of “Quick Eats,” I bring to you boiled eggs! I love eggs, and I don’t just think they’re good for breakfast. I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

It is just me or has being in my 20’s expanded my egg curiosity beyond just the traditional scrambled? I enjoy my eggs all kinds of ways now – over easy, over hard, poached, hard boiled, omelets, and more!

You may think hard boiled eggs are good for just one thing: Easter egg coloring. I thought so too until I tried making my own! My favorite are medium boiled eggs, because the center is not all the way cooked. For hard boiled, boil in a pot for 11 minutes, medium boiled for 7-8 minutes, and soft boiled (runny yolk) for 4 minutes.

For my quick and nourishing breakfast below – I have whole wheat toast with Philadelphia Veggie cream cheese, nectarines (my favorite summertime fruit), and medium boiled eggs with salt/pepper/Tabasco sauce. This kind of plastic spatula is essential for fishing your eggs out of boiling water. Enjoy your eggs! đŸ™‚

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