Charlotte Tilbury’s Makeup Secrets Revealed

I’m so excited to attend Charlotte Tilbury’s upcoming “Makeup Secrets Revealed” event at Nordstrom in The Grove Los Angeles. The event is to celebrate her highly anticipated Goddess Skin Clay Mask launch.

According to Charlotte Tilbury

“There will be 500 magical Goddess Skin Clay Masks available to try, as an exclusive preview to Nordstrom! Prepare to be wowed with the poreless, flawless transformation in your skin after one use!”

I will be at The Grove between 6-8pm on Tuesday 24th February to meet as many of you as possible! I cannot wait to see you my darlings. I will be doing a Red-Carpet Ready makeover live. There will be amazing Photo Booth to capture your night, free makeovers and skin treatments, as well as exclusive Goddess Skin Clay Mask previews, do come down, and join in the fun!”

I’m so excited to meet Charlotte and try some of her products – I’ve only heard phenomenal things. If you don’t know much about her makeup brand, read up more on this renowned makeup artist. She’s worked with some of the most beautiful women in the world including Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz and Rihanna. I currently don’t own any of her skincare or makeup items, but would like to invest in some. Any recommendations??


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