Why you SHOULDN’T rely on the SPF in your Makeup

As you browse the makeup aisle, there are several things to think about. What type of skin do you have? What shade is your skin tone? What extra benefits do you want in your makeup? When we’re browsing makeup labels, you’ve been seen SPF on many of your facial products such as foundations, powders, and concealers. You may think, “Wow – SPF in my makeup! What a plus!” However, there’s a lot this makeup label isn’t telling you…


why you shouldn't rely on the spf in your makeup


Sure, the idea of an SPF in our foundations is a great idea, and we could all benefit from more sun protection. However, the SPF in your makeup will not be enough to protect you. It’s misleading, and most women skip the extra sun protection in exchange for what their makeup provides, which is a terrible long-term mistake.

There are two different types of essential sunscreen ingredients, chemical and physical. Physical sunblock acts as a barrier to reflect UV rays, and chemical ingredients absorb UV rays and create skin-damaging free radicals. According to USA Today, “You shouldn’t rely on makeup as your only form of sun protection. Dermatologists recommend applying a teaspoon of SPF 30 or higher to your face — and no one should be wearing that much foundation. The ultimate regimen is an antioxidant serum, followed by a teaspoon of sunscreen, and then your makeup.”

Overall, having SPF in your makeup certainly doesn’t hurt, but you shouldn’t rely on it as on your only form of sun protection. It’s hard to control how much SPF you’re actually applying, won’t be enough to actually protect your face from UV rays, and likely doesn’t have all the essential sunscreen ingredients your body needs.

I’m a big proponent of applying a moisturizer with SPF before my makeup, or if my moisturizer doesn’t have SPF then I’ll apply a facial sunscreen on it’s own after my moisturizer, but before my makeup! This is a great habit to get into daily. I tend to bump of my SPF dose though when I’ll be outside for extended periods of time.

Some of my favorite sunscreen products especially formulated for your face are:


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