Kissable Summertime Lipsticks

Hellooo – Summer!

How I’ve missed you, including your coconut scent, relaxed vibes, and glorious sunshine! Summer is my favorite season of the year, and there’s no better time to pull out your favorite lippies.

Summer beauty is all about a bronzed glow, natural skin, curly lashes, and kissable lips! The perfect colors to wear this season are pinks, corals, and the occasional pop of color!

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I tend to wear pinks all year round, but it’s time to put away the mauve and dark tones. Bring on the light, pale pink colors along with any nude pinks in your collection. You want your lips to look kissable and sun kissed, and my favorite color for that is pink! Best of all pink lipsticks pair well with almost anything makeup look.


Summer is probably the only time of year when I bust out my orange and coral lipsticks. It’s the perfect time of year to let your lipstick shine with these unique colors. When I wear these shades I tend to tone down the rest of my makeup with a more natural cheek and eye.

Pops of Color

Who doesn’t love a bright lip every now and then?! For summertime, hot pink and red are my favorite shades for a stand out look. Both of these shades are great for events, and red especially reminds me of July 4th, summer BBQs, and outdoor concerts.

Lipsticks Pictured Above:

Have fun accessorizing your lips this season!

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