Weekend Getaway Travel Essentials

Now is the time of year when many people head out for a vacation to escape the winter blues, so I’m putting together a list of vacation essentials that every woman needs when traveling for the weekend.

Weekend Essentials

Here’s my top 5 beach essentials that I can’t leave home without:

  • Sunscreen, SPF is my best friend at the beach (especially with my pale skin!). For my face, I love First Aid Beauty Moisturizer + SPF since it doesn’t make my face greasy. It’s pricey at $40 in Sephora, but has lasted me months! I also use this as my daily SPF. If you want more protection, go for the Coppertone formula especially formulated for faces.
  • My Bluetooth Speaker, I personally love the JBL Flip in white. It’s sleek and compact, perfect to throw in your beach bag. Just bring your smartphone or tablet to play tunes at day long in the sand.
  • A light Cover-up to through on over my bikini. Target always makes cute, affordable options or Wildfox is a great splurge. Bringing layers to throw on as the day goes on ensures you’ll have optimal sun protection.
  • Healthy Snacks, I always get hungry at the beach, but never feel like eating something that will make me bloated. Some of my favorite options to snack on the go are nuts, granola bars, and trail or chex mix.
  • A big, fun Beach Bag to through all my essentials in. I like cloth bags that are easy to clean. Having something you can throw in the wash or easily wipe the sand out of is key.

My lust-worthy destinations to visit this time of year include the Florida Keys, Florida Panhandle, Miami Beach, or a coastal California beach city like Malibu.

I’m actually planning a trip to Miami this spring. What are your most sought after vacation destinations to escape the winter blues? Tell me below!


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