5 Ways to Keep Your Purse Organized

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Ever attempted to find something in your purse and it turns into a bottomless pit where everything goes missing? This is an everyday struggle for me! First step, downsize your purse or bag, which may be easier said than done.

Next step, organize what’s in your bag to make things easier to find. That’s where my purse hacks come into play! These 5 items will make digging into that satchel much less daunting. Turn that junk bag into a well organized machine.


The jimmyCASE iPhone Wallet Case


This iPhone case with card holder is the perfect way to simplify your purse! If you’re looking for just one way to downsize, this is it. This product combines your iPhone and wallet into one. Most of the time we need just a few cards, phone, and we’re out the door.

I found the jimmyCASE* fits 2-4 cards comfortably and retails for $39 in various shades of elastic. You could even sneak other slim items such as money or a key inside. Each case comes equipped with jimmyCASE’s signature mahogany wood paneling. It’s also perfect for a metro or subway pass so you can move quickly during your commute!

I also really like the protective bumper on the case. It ensures your iPhone will be safe during falls. You can easily throw this all-in-one item in your bag or ditch the purse all together! It’s no bulkier than a regular phone case, so slipping into your pocket is also an option.


The Cord Organizer


Ahhh… this item makes my inner OCD-self smile. 🙂  The cord organizer is a must for any purse entering the new millennium. Our lives come with so many cords that end up either lost, damaged or tangled.

Investing in this little cord organizer from Amazon makes carrying my iPhone charger and headphones so much easier. It comfortably fits both, and they’re always ready to use.


The Pocketbac Holder


I can’t go anywhere without my hand sanitizer, but it never seems to be accessible right after that emergency porta potty stop. These Pocketbac hand sanitizer holders from Bath & Body Works do wonders to lighten your load!

Unfortunately, they only fit the Bath & Body Works brand hand sanitizers perfectly, but that’s the brand I typically buy. They hang quite nicely from any purse, bag or luggage. I always get compliments on this item when I’m out and about. They come in various colors and themes for each season.


The Multitasking Wallet


If you do need a fuller sized wallet, pick one that can multitask! This smartphone wristlet from Vera Bradley is a perfect way to store your phone, cards, money, and other miscellaneous items all in one! It comfortably fits an iPhone 5/6/7 with a case.

It comes with a wristlet as well, so you can grab your essentials without taking your entire purse everywhere. These cute designs make them even more fashionable to tote around town. Pick something that suites your personal style.


The Pill Box


This travel sized pill case is a perfect way to be prepared for any situation. I often travel with a few medicines or vitamins in case I start feeling less than ideal. There’s nothing worse that being out and about while not feeling well.

I picked this one up from Target, but you can find various styles and sizes in most drugstores. The best part, it saves major space! You can easily navigate to the little case without carrying multiple jars around.


Happy Organizing!

FTC Disclaimer: Products marked with * were sent to me for consideration.

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