Hair Brush Review – Tangle Teaser

I recently got my hands on the raved about “Tangle Teaser.” I have thick, curly hair and have a terrible time detangling it after a shower. I worry about damaging my hair, especially when it’s wet as I yank a brush through it.


Every time I’ve been to a beauty supply store lately, they seem to be all sold out of the brush. The last time I went to Ulta, I specifically asked an employee to go into the back and she dug one up for me!

At $9.99 the brush isn’t terribly expensive, and even at Ulta the check out lady was raving about how wonderful the brush was. The brush is rather small (fits in the palm of my hand), and has thin bristles. Overall, after using the brush several times I do like it. I wouldn’t say it solves all the world’s problems, but it does do a much better job than my ordinary brush! It’s very gentle, but it does still take some time since you can brush through less hair at once.

Really my only complaint is that it’s a bit too small, and with wet hair it sometimes slips out of my hand. Overall, I really like this brush and am happy with my purchase. I will not be returning it as the lady at Ulta suggested I do if I was displeased. I also pair this brush with my Aveda, “brilliant” damage control spray for detangling.

Tangle Teaser “Cares for the Hair You Wear”


2 thoughts on “Hair Brush Review – Tangle Teaser

  1. I have been considering picking one of these up because I too worry about damaging my hair by brushing the tangles out when I get out of the shower. Do you notice less breakage, healthier hair, etc. since you started using it?


    1. Hi Christie! I have noticed that my hair is less tangled when I get out of the shower and throughout the day after my shower. I wouldn’t say it’s improved the health of my hair, but definitely the manageability! -Allison

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