Here are all the products I’ve used up recently along with my opinion if I would repurchase or not!

  1. Number 4 Hair – Clarifying Shampoo, this shampoo was the best clarifier I’ve every tried. It didn’t strip my hair and smelled amazing. I’m thinking about purchasing the full size as this was a Birchbox sample. It doesn’t lather very well, but when I mixed in a little of my moisturizing shampoo it worked perfectly.IMG_3505
  2. Katy Perry Lashes – Oh, Honey! These lashes were okay – I’m not going to repurchase. They are rather expensive and didn’t hold up after just one use. They were nice on, and gave me a dramatic nighttime look. However, I expected them to last longer since I cleaned and cared for them properly.IMG_3508
  3. JLo Perfume – Live, this is my favorite, signature scent. Everyone that smells it says it reminds them of me! I will definitely be repurchasing this unique scent.IMG_3509
  4. John Frieda Sheer Blonde Conditioner, I love this conditioner – especially the bottle and easy to use pump. I color my hair with blonde highlights, and I feel this conditioner extends the life of my color. I probably won’t repurchase for awhile as I have numerous other conditioners to use in the meantime.IMG_3660
  5. L’Oreal BB Cream – Light, I don’t care what anyone says about drugstore BB creams … I love them! This one is especially great. I use this on an everyday basis instead of foundation. It’s easy to apply, and I love how the white beads in the formula transform into the perfect color match for my skin.IMG_3666
  6. Mascaras – Buxom Lash & L’Oreal Voluminous False Liber Lashes, the Buxom one was great. My lashes looked huge and voluminous, just how I like them! The L’Oreal one was nothing special – you can get much better drugstore options. I probably won’t repurchase either as I can’t seem to stayed married to just one mascara!IMG_3665

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