For all you Nailpolish Junkies

I’ve been subscribed to the “Julep Maven” nail polish subscription box service for about year now, but I’ve been skipping my boxes lately (Julep Maven). Their service is nice because you can do that any month you want and don’t have to pay. It’s $20/box – making it more expensive that most other popular boxes. I decided to take January’s box though since I’d racked up so many reward points, making it free!

The box came with 4 polishes (2 of them were add-ons, as the box usually only comes with 2). It also came with an “extra” as the boxes usually do, this month was the Ta Da! quick dry drops. You can pick your box style each month (there are 5 to choose from), and one box always comes with a third polish instead of the box “extra” whether it be a lotion, makeup item, foot scrub, etc. See below for pictures of my box. I love Julep boxes as they usually come with little extra goodies as well, but I just have so much nail polish that I’ve been skipping lately. I will say that the Julep nail polishes come in great colors and unique finishes, but are pretty average in terms of lasting length.

My first month with Julep was free with a code I received. I’m hoping this code will still work for all of you: FREEBOX. Just be sure to cancel the next month if you’re not satisfied or don’t have the budget, because your credit card will automatically be charged. Enjoy!







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