How To Make Your Manicure Last 10+ Days

Prep Your Nails It all starts with a good base! Properly prepping your nails before polish is essential. Follow these steps for a long-lasting manicure: Remove ALL old nail polish with cotton pads and remover. DON’T peel off your nail polish, this will rip layers of your actual nail off as well. File and cut … More How To Make Your Manicure Last 10+ Days

Holiday Nail Trends

The holidays are the best time to bring out all your glitz and glamour, and your nails are no exception. The perfect nail polish color can bring together any outfit during holiday party season. The perfect colors tend to be glittery, bold, or classic. I’ve outlined a three trends to follow as you prepare for … More Holiday Nail Trends

Christian Louboutin… It All Started With Nail Polish

It all started with nail polish… “Twenty years ago, a spontaneous stroke of stunning rouge laquer provided the finishing touch on a stiletto pump. Now, the world’s preeminent luxury shoe designer returns to nail colour, the inspiration for the iconic red sole of every Christian Louboutin heel.” (Sephora)   According to Christian Louboutin, “Rouge Louboutin… … More Christian Louboutin… It All Started With Nail Polish

How To: Ombre Nails

I love doing ombre nail designs, and it’s actually easier than you’d think! See below for a step-by-step instruction guide on how to recreate on your own ombre nails. Here are the supplies you need:  Nail polish remover, 2 complementary colors of your choice for the design, nail file/buffer, cotton pads & Q tips, and … More How To: Ombre Nails