Easy Nail Art: Angled Accents

One of my go to nail art designs involves painting angled shapes on my nails. See below to recreate this super simple triangle art design for a very polished, unique look! Supplies needed:  2 complementary nail polishes or 1 polish and 1 loose glitter, scotch tape, and clear polish.

1. First, paint your nails all-over in one color.

2. Wait until your nails are completely dry! (very important or you could ruin your base coat)

3. Tape off your nails using scotch tape in any design you’d like. Today, I’m doing a triangle near the top of my nail – I’ve also done a triangle that stems from my cuticle or a diagonal line done the middle of my nail. Make sure to press the tape down firmly to eliminate any color bleeding.


4. Paint a heavy coat of clear polish on the non-taped off area. *SKIP this step if you’re using regular polish instead of loose glitter in your design.


5. Sprinkle loose glitter like I did here all over the clear coat. *You can jump right to painting the non-taped off area with another complementary polish of your choice if you’re not using glitter.


6. Before removing the tape, paint a clear coat all-over your nail. Wait 5 minutes and remove tape. Finish with a final top coat!

Finished Product:


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