What I’m Packing for Coachella: Fashion

Below is what I plan to pack for Coachella this weekend (or items that are very similar!)

Overall, I’m going with a very practical yet stylish look. I plan to style some unique jewelry into my look along with some hats, which isn’t usually my style. For footwear, I’m being very comfortable and have heard sandals are a terrible option in the desert. Most of my clothing items feature high-waisted shorts, crop tops, bandeaus, and flowy shirts. I plan to take a cute backpack each day as well. I’m also taking some sort of jacket as the nights get cold I’ve heard as well.

Stay tuned for “What I’m Packing for Coachella: Beauty”! I’m counting down the days until the festival for Weekend 2! I will be sure to have a detailed post after Coachella describing what I wore and my experience.
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