What I’m Packing for Coachella: Beauty

Below is what I plan to pack for Coachella this weekend (or items that are very similar!)

Overall, I’m keep my makeup simple – tinted moisturizer, mascara, liner, brows, and bronzer. I know I will probably end up sweating most of it off – so what I am packing is long-lasting! I’ll also be finishing my makeup off with my setting spray from Urban Decay.

I plan to pack lots of sunscreen, baby wipes, chapstick, medicine, kleenex, hand sanitizer, and toiletry essentials. I’ll be packing curly hair products that will tame against the heat along with some UV protectant spray to shield my highlights and coloring from the sun. I’m packing a small first aid kit (because I like to be over prepared), hair elastics, and ear plugs just in case my sensitive ears can’t take the craziness that is Coachella. I’ve heard if you have contacts, eye drops are a must with the sand storms in the desert as well. Happy packing fellow festival goers 😉

What I'm Packing For Coachella: Beauty, what to bring to coachella, coachella packing, coachella tips

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