How to Make Your Eyes Appear Larger

Want to draw attention to your beautiful eyes and make them really pop? Look no further! I’m here to provide my best tips for doing so. This is also my 100th blog post on – I want to thank all my readers and subscribers! I love how my blog has evolved over the past several months and can’t wait to bring you more content.

how to make your eyes appear larger

Tips to make your eyes appear larger:

– First and foremost you’ll want to provide a nice frame to your eye – make sure your eyebrows are nicely groomed and filled in. If you have thin or unruly eyebrows, I suggest adding a bit more shape and definition to them. Below I used my Benefit brow pencil to define and comb my eyebrows.

– Another trick is the shadow you choose – you could go with shimmery or matte shades (I used mostly shimmery), but make sure the colors aren’t too dark. I find my eyes look largest when I used softer shades along with a slightly dark more defining shade in the crease. See my tutorial for eye shadow blending if you want more details.

how to make your eyes appear larger
how to make your eyes appear larger

– Your eyes also need to be framed with liner. I find a cat eye/winged look creates the best effect. You want to make sure your liner on the top of your lashes is a slightly thicker, bolder line. I would also tight line your upper waterline with a black pencil to create additional definition and a seamless effect.

how to make your eyes appear larger


– You’ll want to make sure and place a light, shimmery shadow in the inner corners of your eye to draw attention and make your eyes appear brighter. This will also make your eye color pop.

– Lining the bottom waterline with a white/nude liner over black (mine is from Rimmel Scandaleyes) is also a great trick for making your eyes look bigger.

how to make your eyes appear larger

– Lastly, if you want big eyes – you’ll need lots of mascara! I used 2 for this look – I used the super voluminous Too Faced Better than Sex on my upper lashes (about 3 coats) and Julep’s Volumizing Mascara on my lower lashes. I find mascara with big brushes like the Too Faced one don’t work well on my finer lower lashes.

how to make your eyes appear larger

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