A Bath Bomb for the… Shower?!

Who doesn’t love a bath bomb for that extra touch of relaxation to your bubble bath? I love bath bombs, especially from Lush Cosmetics, but taking a bath as a daily routine isn’t the most practical. Well, problem solved!


I recently stumbled across what I like to call “shower bombs” at a small boutique, Bubbles Laguna. These shower bursts made by Hydra transform your ordinary shower experience into a relaxing paradise. According to Hydra Aromatheraphy, “these 100% natural Shower Bursts transform your ordinary shower into an aromatherapy experience better than the spa! Unwrap, place in the shower and let the indirect spray activate the aromatherapy experience.”

I place my shower burst either in a soap dish or on a tray on the floor of the shower out of direct spray. The essential oils are released into the steamy air for the ultimate aromatic experience. I picked up one of the Wellness collection shower bursts to combat headaches, and it makes me feel so much more relaxed! It even fought off a terrible headache I had one night.

If you see these around your local shops or can order online, I highly recommend them! At only around $4/5 a piece they are extremely affordable. The best part was that mine lasted me for about 10 showers. Such a fun twist to the ordinary “bath bomb” 🙂hydrashowerburst-8635shower bath bomb, bath bomb, bath bomb lush, shower bomb, lush, lush cosmetics, skincare, aromatherapy, hydra, hydra aromatherapy, shower bursts, shower burst, headache remedy, headache buster, shower headache buster, bath, shower, unique bath products, unique shower products, best shower products, shower bomb, how to use a shower bomb, how to use a bath bomb, how to use a shower burst, how to

2 thoughts on “A Bath Bomb for the… Shower?!

  1. I think this was the brand I used that I found in a little shop near Bradenton, FL several years ago… I loved the Eucalyptus scent! I think mine only last 2-3 showers but that’s on the floor with indirect spray and I remember only getting periodic, light whiffs of the scent. Many reviews of various shower bombs wish the scents were stronger. I’m trying to find the best bath bombs for price / value. In addition to these, there are Salus ones and Level Naturals – trying to decide which to try or see if there is something better or just as good but cheaper!

    1. Yeah, I have a small shower and made sure to keep it out of direct spray – so that may have helped boost the scent. Overall, I loved mine!

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