Coachella Beauty Essentials | Festival Season


Festival season is here! I was lucky enough to go to Coachella last year, and have compiled the ultimate beauty guide for any festival go-er this season.

Coachella Beauty Essentials

 Beauty Essentials Guide

1. SPF

SPF couldn’t be more important in the extreme desert conditions at Coachella! Most other music festivals also take place in the summer months, so protecting your skin is essential. Of course you need to protect your face and body with sunscreen, but don’t forget about your hair! I like to spray a UV protectant all over. A hat is also a lifesaver since shade can sometimes be hard to find in festival fields.


The sun and dry conditions of festival season can dry up anyone’s skin. A chapstick (with SPF) is key to retaining moisture. I also kept a moisturizing spray in my backpack that was nice to refresh/cool my face and skin halfway throughout the day. Putting moisture back into your skin will provide some much needed relief!


Cream based shadows, bronzers, and blushes will be your best friend during Coachella. They will keep your makeup in place and looking fabulous. Most cream based formulas are also easy to apply, and will make for very long lasting makeup. I like these items, because you’ll be able to apply in the morning without worrying about your makeup staying in place all day.


Deodorant and face wipes are essential throughout the weekend. I took some deodorant on-the-go wipes in backpack to refresh throughout the festival. Cleansing wipes kept me feeling fresh feeling all day long. You can use these on both your face and body, especially to take off the levels of sunscreen once the sun sets. They also work for wiping off your hands and a variety of other uses throughout the day! You can easily bring a few makeup essentials along to reapply after refreshing your face.


Waterproof BB cream and mascara are essential to keep your face looking fresh and beautiful throughout the day. I’d also recommend a waterproof eyeliner if you choose to wear any. I would skip the foundation and stick to a BB/CC cream or tinted moisturizer.


This is the most fun part of Coachella! This is the weekend to break out of your shell and wear whatever you want. I loved wearing flash tattoos during Coachella last year and using paint to create fun designs on my body and face. Check out some of last year’s looks in my previous Coachella post.

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