Five Easy Ways to Live Better

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1. Water your brain in the morning

Water is so essential for your body to be its happiest, healthiest self, and what better time to fuel your body with some H20 than right when you wake up? It’s important to drink water throughout the day, but especially in the morning. Most people just reach straight for the coffee cup, and while I also enjoy a good cup of joe, I always start my day with a full glass of water first. You’ll be amazed at how much quicker your thinking becomes when you start your day. Think of it as watering your brain in the morning! Your mind needs a refuel of water to work at its best. Then, keep consciously drinking water throughout the day.

2. Develop a grazing routine

You really should be eating throughout the day. Try to stay away from starving yourself for hours. Those techniques may work in the short term, but are not good for long-term health. Make your 3 meals a day lighter and add some snacks in between to constantly refuel your body. Some of my favorite snacks are string cheese, fruit, almonds, veggies with dip, or peanut butter & crackers!

3. Be conscious of how you sit

Most people sit throughout the day whether it be a work or school. Having correct posture while you sit could not be more important for your immediate and long term health. If you’re not consciously aware of your posture while sitting, make the change immediately! Check out these helpful diagrams as well.
To sit correctly:
  • Adjust your chair so that your feet rest comfortably on the ground, and your knees are level with your hips. You also need to adjust the tilt tension so that you’re sitting fully upright and not leaning back. Your lower back should be supported as well.
  • Center your body on whatever you’re working on, try not to twist in your chair or workspace. Sit up straight with your thighs horizontal and your forearms level on your desk.
  • Keep objects at your desk close to your body to prevent excessive stretching.
  • If you frequently talk on the phone, use a headset rather than cradling the phone in between your head and shoulder.
  • Your monitor should be at eye level height.

4. Five minutes of uninterrupted reflection

It’s important to ease your mind each day. I’ve started practicing yoga, and have become a huge fan of shutting my mind off at least for five minutes each day.
I personally like to do this in the evening – whether it be in the shower or before bed time. I’ve heard it’s best to meditate in the morning while your mind’s uncluttered, but it’s more helpful for me at the end of the day. Focus on your breathing and connecting to your body parts. I focus on a different muscle group, working my way from my toes to my fingers, while clearing my mind of all thoughts.

5. Sleeping right

You should either sleep on your back or side. If you’re sleeping on your stomach, you’ll likely experience long term back pain as your internal organs aren’t properly aligned. Make sure your mattress is supportive, and not too soft. You also want your neck to be supported with a pillow, so that it’s in a neutral position with your spine – not too far above or below.

You should also avoid caffeine after 2pm, avoid drinking too many liquids in the evening, and stay away from one, large meal at night as I mentioned above about grazing. Check out this helpful guide for more tips on how to sleep better from HelpGuide.

Keep in mind these opinions are my own. While I’ve picked up this knowledge from credible sources or my own personal experiences, I’m not a professional medical expert.

Stay Healthy!
xo Allison

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