Autumn Recipes | Healthy Spaghetti Squash

Looking for some healthy autumn or winter recipes? This spaghetti squash recipe is perfect for you! It’s gluten-free, paleo friendly, and overall very healthy. It can also be made to be vegan or vegetarian friendly. This recipe serves about 6 people.

– Cut spaghetti squash in half length-wise
– Empty out seeds, and place in a pan face down after seasoning with salt and pepper
– Place 1 cup of water in pan to keep moist while cooking
– Bake in 400 degrees for 45 minutes
– While squash is baking, let’s make our sauce:
– Brown ground turkey and 1 chopped onion, sauté your favorite vegetable mix with 1 tbsp olive oil (I used onions, garlic, mushrooms, green peppers, and red peppers).
– Combine vegetables and browned meat with 1 can of your favorite sauce (I used Prego Roasted Garlie & Herb).
– Let simmer until squash is done on low heat.
– Remove squash from oven, let cool, and rake a fork through insides to make “spaghetti” like strands.
– Top spaghetti with sauce, voila!

Hollywood Farmer’s Market:

Video filmed with Nikon D5100 and edited with iMovie.

2 thoughts on “Autumn Recipes | Healthy Spaghetti Squash

  1. Oh my gosh you’re inspiring me to make food videos! I’m going to try this out. I didn’t know the squash just comes out in strings like that after the oven!

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