DIY Holiday Gift Ideas | Long Distance Mugs

Watch my DIY Holiday Gift video for an easy, inexpensive, yet unique gift idea for friends and family! These charming gifts put a smile on anyone’s face.

You can customize and even change the design to cater to your audience. Long Distance Mugs are great to give family or friends that don’t live near you. You keep the state that you don’t live in and give away the one where you live, so that you can always be thinking of each other! I ended up giving the mug to my dad for a great Christmas present.

DIY Long Distance Mug Supplies & Instructions:

-2 Inexpensive Mugs (cheaper works better!)

-Black eyeliner & Black permanent marker

-Cotton Pads & Rubbing Alcohol, Pure Acetone, or Vinegar

-An oven

-Wipe mug where design will be drawn with rubbing alcohol, pure acetone, or vinegar. Rubbing alcohol tends to work best in my opinion.

-Practice drawing your states beforehand, and keep an outline of each state handy as you draw them on the mugs so you’ll have a guide to look at.

-Use eyeliner (optional) to draw the design on first in case of mistakes. If you use eyeliner, then draw with a permanent marker over your design. Wipe away the eyeliner underneath afterwards.

-If you feel comfortable, you can skip straight to the permanent marker to draw your designs. Hint: The rubbing alcohol works great as an eraser in case of mistakes, but you can’t let it sit for long!

-To set your design, you’ll need to place mugs in a cool oven. Turn the oven to 425 degrees and cook for 30 minutes. Turn off the oven, and remove mugs once cool to the touch.

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